Everything to Know About Microsoft’s New Windows 10

It’s out July 29

Windows 10, Microsoft’s new operating system, launches July 29. The biggest difference between it and older versions of Windows? It’s a totally free upgrade — provided you have Windows already installed on your computer.

That’s a big change for Microsoft, which could traditionally count on big sales of its latest operating systems. It’s also a shift that’s emblematic of larger changes at the company under CEO Satya Nadella, who’s moving many of Microsoft’s software products to subscription-based sales models.

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Who needs IT consultants in Dallas Texas? At some point, any business could use a little extra help in the IT department. Perhaps your business is too small to hire full-time IT staff, or maybe your IT department could use a little extra support through a software migration or other large project. At Intelligent IT solutions, we specialize in IT support for small and medium sized businesses, as well as solutions for the home. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on cutting edge technologies to provide you with the highest quality solutions available. So who needs IT consultants Dallas? You Do! Call Intelligent IT Solutions Today (972) 885-6544 or visit us online at www.iqits.net!

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IT Consultants Dallas Serve Schools, Libraries and Business

IT Consultants DallasAny organization that uses computers, servers, cell phones and web hosting can hire IT consultants Dallas to oversee their tech operation. That includes high schools, colleges, libraries and other educational institutions. Computer consulting firms in Dallas, TX can offer E-Rate, or education rate, services for qualified schools and organizations. Here are a few facts about E-rate and how it affects IT support services in Dallas.

1- Background

According to Edu.gov, the E-rate (Education rate) program was established in 1996 by the Telecommunications Act of 1996. An independent, non-profit corporation called the USAC (Universal Service Administrative Company) administers this program. Telecommunications carriers contribute money to USAC to help communities and educational institutions across the country obtain low-cost Internet and telecommunications services. These discounted services are available to schools and libraries. The USAC also serves rural areas and some low-income consumers, though not specifically under the E-rate program.

2- The Schools and Libraries Program

The E-Rate program offers eligible schools and libraries discounts on some services provided by IT consultants Dallas. Non-profit K-12 schools, all public schools and many private libraries are eligible for E-rate pricing. If you are a decision-maker at a school or library, or know someone who is, you should be aware that many tech support companies in Dallas will offer IT services at a discount if your organization qualifies for the E-rate program.

3- Priority 1 and Priority 2 Services

Organizations wishing to take part in the E-rate program can ask for funding in these categories: Internet Access,Telecommunications, Internal Connections and Basic Maintenance. These services are classified as either Priority 1 or Priority 2. Priority 1 services include phone services (cell, long-distance and local), DSL and T-1 lines, cable modems, web hosting and e-mail. Priority 2 services include servers, hubs, firewalls, cabling, phone systems and maintenance of these systems. Many other services may be eligible for the E-rate program. Local IT consultants Dallas help keep school and library maintenance costs down by providing services through the E-Rate program. An outside IT tech firm Dallas is equipped to handle requested IT and telecommunications needs on a 24/7 basis, keeping vital internet, phone and database information safe and secure.

For more E-Rate service details, eligible organizations should check out the 2014 service list on the USAC website. Intelligent Solutions IT consultants Dallas work with schools and libraries through the E-Rate program, maintaining servers, firewalls, internet access and other IT necessities for educational organizations. We offer the same high-quality onsite or remote services for Dallas schools as we do for businesses. If you want to know more about IT support through the E-rate program, or our IT services for business, call 972-885-6544 for a free consultation.

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Intelligent Solutions, Best IT Consultant Dallas for Managed Computer Solutions

IT consultant DallasYour business computer network is subject to many problems each day, from hardware breakdowns to new and malicious spyware and viruses. No matter how careful you and your employees are, internet threats change daily and computer parts can wear down at any time. That’s why you need the power of an on-call IT consultant Dallas to repair your computers and get your business back to normal in no time.

The techs at Intelligent IT Solutions provide managed IT solutions to keep your network up and running. We’ll focus on maintaining your servers, desktops, web security and Wi-Fi so you can concentrate on business. Call us today at 972-885-6544 for a free consultation.


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As Dallas Wireless Specialists, We Can Help Rid Your Office of “Cord Clutter”

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Whether you company employs 10 people or 10,000, each person needs certain essentials in order to be productive. In office environments, this generally includes a PC with keyboard and mouse, office machines like copiers and printers, and other devices. In the past, this meant cords, lots of them, with the attendant clutter, confusion, and mess that comes with having wires running all over the place.

Very soon, however, “cord clutter” will be a thing of the past, thanks to fast-developing technology that will bring through-the-air connectivity to the next level. As Dallas wireless specialists, we can help you to take advantage of all the benefits offered by these next-generation products.

Well Beyond Wi-Fi

Up till now, wireless computing devices have been limited by the fact that they operate within standard Wi-Fi transmission bands, which limits data transfer rates to around 1 GB per second.

The new cable-free products entering the market solve this problem by operating in ultra-high-frequency bands in the 60GHz range. This enables phenomenal transmission rates of as much as 7 GB per second. If you think of how slow data transfer rates hurt productivity in your business, then you can easily see how this new wireless technology can pay off for your company. Processes that now take several minutes can be finished in a few seconds, while ones that required seconds will be instantaneous. While the time savings for any one task may be limited, the cumulative effect of all these efficiency improvements will be profound. As IT consulting service Dallas professionals, we can help you to implement this technology smoothly and as rapidly as possible

Super-fast Wireless Devices Already Entering the Market

In February of this year, Dell Computers introduced a wireless computer dock that offers ultra-fast data transfers to peripheral devices like projectors, speakers, networks, and displays. It supports both HDMI and DisplayPort, has three USB 3.0 ports, and supports VOIP at rates of 4.6 GB per second.

Capabilities like these have wireless specialists across the globe smacking their lips in anticipation of devices that convey information at speeds once thought impossible. Manufacturers are rushing to meet the demand. As a result, 2014 will see the unveiling of numerous cord- and cable-free products that will transform the average office.

We Can Help You to Enter the Efficiency Revolution

As wireless specialists in Dallas, we can advise you on all aspects of the new ultra-fast technologies, helping you to leverage them for maximum benefits. Contact us today, to find out about how our IT consulting services in Dallas can help your business to run more productively than ever before.

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Three Tips for Working with Dallas, TX Computer Security Service Experts to Prevent Attacks on Your Firm’s IT Systems

computer security service dallas tx | IT Intelligent SolutionsEach year, thousands of companies across the US become victims of IT system attacks. The effects of these attacks can be anything from a minor network slow down to a major data loss.  Firms are now looking to enhance their in-house security protocols in order to prevent hackers from gaining access into their systems and data. The first step in ensuring business IT security for Dallas, TX based companies is to work with a computer security service specialist. So in this blog, we’ll focus on three tips for working alongside a qualified IT security specialist in preventing system breaches.

Identify Sensitive Information
It’s imperative for small businesses to know which data they are storing is especially sensitive. Oftentimes companies store large swaths of information and so it’s important to know which data needs to be protected more vigorously. Another element of this identification process is to identify where the data is stored, as this will help the Dallas, TX computer security service company to quickly locate the data that requires high performance protection.

Isolate Sensitive information within the Network
In order for any security service to work effectively, sensitive information should be placed on as few computers as possible. The computers or servers that are storing sensitive information must be segregated from the rest of the network as much as possible also. This allows Dallas, TX computer security service providers to focus their work to one specific area of the company network rather than having to track data across the entire network.
By isolating sensitive information, firms can also identify who is accessing those areas of the network on a regular basis, providing a superior depth of information to investigations should data breaches occur in the future.

Utilize a High Performance Firewall
Many companies across the US are still using unsecured wireless networks. This style of security lapse leaves the organization completely open to data theft and fraud by both employees and those living and working close to the building. This is a vital area in which Dallas, TX computer security service companies focus their attention when building security systems for growing firms. The industry’s best firms can build high performance firewalls that protect business against even the most well-coordinated attack.

When beginning the creation of a highly fortified business security system, ensure that the options chosen are designed to protect the most important elements of your business. Contact our offices today to learn more about the options available to you and your company.

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Three Security Challenges to Resolve Through Dallas IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services Dallas | Intelligent IT Solutions Frisco TXSpecialized IT consulting services companies are now an integral partner for many Dallas firms. From the smallest community organization to the largest of multinationals, companies across the country have security challenges. And these security challenges must be met head-on by a dedicated support team who truly understand the potential risk to systems that are unprotected. Within this blog, we’ll focus on three security challenges today’s businesses face, and how those security challenges can be resolved through working directly with a Dallas IT consulting services specialist.

Spam Content on the Company Domain
An influx of spam content is a problem that many organizations experience. This type of issue can not only promote an unprofessional impression of the organization. But also could lead to the theft of data from customers, where spam links are being posted to an unsecured site.

Dallas IT consulting services companies work to build powerful security networks that keep sites protected against malicious content 24-hours-a-day. These systems are built to detect spam instantly, and inform administrators directly. It’s a seamless security system that helps companies maintain their professional industry reputation while protecting their site users against possible data theft.

Compliance with IT Security Regulations
Company leaders are often focused on building their core business rather than monitoring the changes with their industry’s IT regulations. However, firms that are not up-to-date with the latest legal protocols set forth in their field face the risk of both falling behind their industry competitors and being fined by industry oversight organizations.
To prevent falling behind on the latest IT regulations within their field, companies can work with highly qualified Dallas IT consulting services firms to update their systems each time new regulations are enforced. Having an IT consulting firm handle this complex task will allow companies to focus their resources on meeting internal objectives.

Network Downtime
By working directly with an IT consulting services company, businesses can ensure that their networks achieve maximum uptime. Network outages are a common complaint of companies not partnered with a consulting firm and a factor in many companies decision to switch to a managed IT security solution. Most Dallas IT consulting services firms offer a number of safeguards to ensure networks are continually running to maximum operational capacity. These safeguards include network redundancies and battery generators to ensure that clients have access to data continuously.

Today’s business environment requires additional security measures to be taken. Speak with our in-house staff today to learn more about how IT consulting services provides can help protect your firm’s business interests in the long-term.

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