Everything to Know About Microsoft’s New Windows 10

It’s out July 29

Windows 10, Microsoft’s new operating system, launches July 29. The biggest difference between it and older versions of Windows? It’s a totally free upgrade — provided you have Windows already installed on your computer.

That’s a big change for Microsoft, which could traditionally count on big sales of its latest operating systems. It’s also a shift that’s emblematic of larger changes at the company under CEO Satya Nadella, who’s moving many of Microsoft’s software products to subscription-based sales models.

Wanted: Intelligent IT Consultants in Dallas Texas!

Who needs IT consultants in Dallas Texas? At some point, any business could use a little extra help in the IT department. Perhaps your business is too small to hire full-time IT staff, or maybe your IT department could use a little extra support through a software migration or other large project. At Intelligent IT solutions, we specialize in IT support for small and medium sized businesses, as well as solutions for the home. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on cutting edge technologies to provide you with the highest quality solutions available. So who needs IT consultants Dallas? You Do! Call Intelligent IT Solutions Today (972) 885-6544 or visit us online at www.iqits.net!

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IT Consultants Dallas Serve Schools, Libraries and Business

IT Consultants DallasAny organization that uses computers, servers, cell phones and web hosting can hire IT consultants Dallas to oversee their tech operation. That includes high schools, colleges, libraries and other educational institutions. Computer consulting firms in Dallas, TX can offer E-Rate, or education rate, services for qualified schools and organizations. Here are a few facts about E-rate and how it affects IT support services in Dallas.

1- Background

According to Edu.gov, the E-rate (Education rate) program was established in 1996 by the Telecommunications Act of 1996. An independent, non-profit corporation called the USAC (Universal Service Administrative Company) administers this program. Telecommunications carriers contribute money to USAC to help communities and educational institutions across the country obtain low-cost Internet and telecommunications services. These discounted services are available to schools and libraries. The USAC also serves rural areas and some low-income consumers, though not specifically under the E-rate program.

2- The Schools and Libraries Program

The E-Rate program offers eligible schools and libraries discounts on some services provided by IT consultants Dallas. Non-profit K-12 schools, all public schools and many private libraries are eligible for E-rate pricing. If you are a decision-maker at a school or library, or know someone who is, you should be aware that many tech support companies in Dallas will offer IT services at a discount if your organization qualifies for the E-rate program.

3- Priority 1 and Priority 2 Services

Organizations wishing to take part in the E-rate program can ask for funding in these categories: Internet Access,Telecommunications, Internal Connections and Basic Maintenance. These services are classified as either Priority 1 or Priority 2. Priority 1 services include phone services (cell, long-distance and local), DSL and T-1 lines, cable modems, web hosting and e-mail. Priority 2 services include servers, hubs, firewalls, cabling, phone systems and maintenance of these systems. Many other services may be eligible for the E-rate program. Local IT consultants Dallas help keep school and library maintenance costs down by providing services through the E-Rate program. An outside IT tech firm Dallas is equipped to handle requested IT and telecommunications needs on a 24/7 basis, keeping vital internet, phone and database information safe and secure.

For more E-Rate service details, eligible organizations should check out the 2014 service list on the USAC website. Intelligent Solutions IT consultants Dallas work with schools and libraries through the E-Rate program, maintaining servers, firewalls, internet access and other IT necessities for educational organizations. We offer the same high-quality onsite or remote services for Dallas schools as we do for businesses. If you want to know more about IT support through the E-rate program, or our IT services for business, call 972-885-6544 for a free consultation.

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Ways Our IT Consulting Services Dallas Can Help Your Business

IT Consulting Services | Intelligent IT SolutionsModern information technology (IT) has revolutionized the ways that companies across the globe do business.  Transactions that once took weeks are now done in seconds.  Companies that, in the past, were limited by geography have turned into worldwide enterprises.  Meanwhile, quantum leaps in efficiency enable modern firms to operate leaner and more profitably than ever before.

There’s another side to all of these benefits, though.  IT has become increasingly complex in the past several years, in order to meet the needs of clients and consumers.  Tasks that could once be handled by a computer-savvy secretary or bookkeeper now require the expertise of  technical specialists.  Even knowing what direction to take the company in, technology-wise, can be daunting for those who primary training is in business or other fields.

This is where an IT consulting services Dallas firm can be especially helpful.  Whether you need software training, systems support, or input on how to best meet your company’s technical needs, we can put our expertise to work for you.  Some of the areas that we excel in include the following.

  1. Information security – cyber-criminals are always on the lookout for victims.  They can break into your systems from anywhere on earth, stealing your passwords, account numbers, and other critical data.  We can stop them, though.  We’ll build a fortress around your information, one that will will repel attacks from the most determined hackers.  We can also train your staff in how to recognize and fend off phishing, tailgating, and other favored tactics of data thieves.
  2. Help desk support – even a few minutes of downtime can ruin your worker’s productivity, hurt your firm’s image, and cost you both now and for years to come.  When it’s your future on the line, would you rather talk to representatives from a trusted IT consulting services Dallas or a stranger thousands of miles away?
  3. Network planning and consulting – plenty of advisors can spout facts about IT products.  But only a few are able to listen to your needs and match them with the right resources for your situation.  We can guide you towards solutions that will not only meet your requirements, but will also give you the edge you need to outdo your competitors.

Intelligent IT Solutions specializes in helping companies of all sizes to grow and prosper.  We advise and support our clients on all their IT-related matters, allowing them to focus on their core strengths and priorities.  Call us today to find out how our IT consulting services Dallas can help your organization to excel in today’s hyper-competitive business world.

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Our IT Services in Dallas Level the Playing Field of Business

IT Services Dallas | Intelligent IT SolutionsIntelligent IT Solutions offers a array of IT services in Dallas to small and mid-sized businesses. While IT helps improve productivity and customer satisfaction many small and mid-sized businesses find that focusing on maintaining IT hardware and software detracts from the core competency. When business managers have to spend time and effort putting in place an IT infrastructure and managing it, they do not have the time needed to deal with the core issues relating to their business.

Intelligent IT Solutions provides the perfect way to overcome these difficulties. The company can manage IT infrastructure, provide hosting services, or take care of the security of the IT infrastructure. This is a cost-effective and practical way of managing IT infrastructure for most small and mid-sized businesses.

Faster, Quicker, Smarter
Whether your business has desktops, servers, or other IT infrastructure or requires a robust security system to be in place, Intelligent IT Solutions has the right IT service for you in Dallas. The company will work proactively to ensure that all IT infrastructures are working properly when needed. This will cut infrastructure downtime and allow your employees to work on accomplishing goals, improving customer response, and ensure that crucial data is available on time.

Potential Targets
The security management services offered by Intelligent IT Solutions will ensure that the data of the business is not compromised. Additionally, the customers of the business will be assured that their data or servers cannot be compromised via vendors. While many small businesses assume that their data is not sought after by malicious elements, frequently the servers and infrastructure of such businesses are used to send spam and viruses.

Intelligent IT Solutions offers consulting services when a business is expanding and wants to update its IT infrastructure. The consultants will work with business executives to understand the precise requirements before suggesting and implementing a new IT model. This will enable even small and mid-sized businesses to benefit from the expert knowledge about potential IT developments that only enterprise class businesses typically have access to.

An Incredible Feature
Another aspect of the modern business world is the need to access company data from remote locations. Intelligent IT Solutions offers hosting services using redundant servers, power, and data channel to ensure that businesses can access their data remotely at any time they please.

The IT services in Dallas offered by Intelligent IT Solutions will ensure that medium and small businesses can access the best IT products and benefit from them. This enables them to better compete against larger enterprises. After all, because of the Internet and modern day technological breakthroughs, the world is flat. The financial value or employee count does not matter as much as it used to because of the capabilities that businesses such as Intelligent IT Solutions can offer their clients or potential ones. We specialize in leveling the playing field. Call us today to discuss all of your Dallas IT Service needs.

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Three Security Challenges to Resolve Through Dallas IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services Dallas | Intelligent IT Solutions Frisco TXSpecialized IT consulting services companies are now an integral partner for many Dallas firms. From the smallest community organization to the largest of multinationals, companies across the country have security challenges. And these security challenges must be met head-on by a dedicated support team who truly understand the potential risk to systems that are unprotected. Within this blog, we’ll focus on three security challenges today’s businesses face, and how those security challenges can be resolved through working directly with a Dallas IT consulting services specialist.

Spam Content on the Company Domain
An influx of spam content is a problem that many organizations experience. This type of issue can not only promote an unprofessional impression of the organization. But also could lead to the theft of data from customers, where spam links are being posted to an unsecured site.

Dallas IT consulting services companies work to build powerful security networks that keep sites protected against malicious content 24-hours-a-day. These systems are built to detect spam instantly, and inform administrators directly. It’s a seamless security system that helps companies maintain their professional industry reputation while protecting their site users against possible data theft.

Compliance with IT Security Regulations
Company leaders are often focused on building their core business rather than monitoring the changes with their industry’s IT regulations. However, firms that are not up-to-date with the latest legal protocols set forth in their field face the risk of both falling behind their industry competitors and being fined by industry oversight organizations.
To prevent falling behind on the latest IT regulations within their field, companies can work with highly qualified Dallas IT consulting services firms to update their systems each time new regulations are enforced. Having an IT consulting firm handle this complex task will allow companies to focus their resources on meeting internal objectives.

Network Downtime
By working directly with an IT consulting services company, businesses can ensure that their networks achieve maximum uptime. Network outages are a common complaint of companies not partnered with a consulting firm and a factor in many companies decision to switch to a managed IT security solution. Most Dallas IT consulting services firms offer a number of safeguards to ensure networks are continually running to maximum operational capacity. These safeguards include network redundancies and battery generators to ensure that clients have access to data continuously.

Today’s business environment requires additional security measures to be taken. Speak with our in-house staff today to learn more about how IT consulting services provides can help protect your firm’s business interests in the long-term.

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