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Dallas network supportAre you certain that your business network is secure? What makes managed IT solutions a viable solution for you? Let Intelligent Solutions Dallas provide network support for you and your company. No matter how small your business is, your network will be preyed upon if left unsecured. Don’t allow the predators a chance! With Intelligent Solutions, you have help ready when you run into network problems. No matter what day or time, you will have the support you need. Save yourself money and productivity loss in the long run by investing in a Dallas network support company to keep your network safe and running!

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Tips from Intelligent IT Solutions – The Best Dallas Computer Service Company

Dallas Computer ServiceYou know how important it is to keep your online business secure, which is why you turn to Intelligent IT Solutions for the best Dallas computer service. But do you sometimes worry about the security of a device you probably have with you constantly, whether at home or at work? Yes, your good ol’ smartphone: we all love them, and sometimes we can’t remember what we did without them. However, recent news stories about use of the “roving bug” (a technique that allows an outside party to remotely access and utilize your smartphone…even when you’re not using it) have rightfully spooked smartphone users. It makes sense: we carry our lives on our phones, and with each new technological advance and high tech app, it gets easier and easier for a potential spy to know everything about you. If you’re curious and/or worried about being targeted by a “roving bug,” you can use these warning signs to see whether your personal smartphone might be monitored by an outside party.

Volume.  Is your call volume often inexplicably low? Do you frequently have trouble dialing? This could indicate that your phone’s transmission path is being disrupted by a roving bug.

Battery.  Is your battery always running low, even when you charge it frequently? If you know that your battery isn’t the problem, then this may be an indication that someone is remotely using your phone when you think it’s not in use.

Temperature.  Is your phone warm when you first go to pick it up? Your phone should only become warm after you’ve been using it. If it’s warm while resting, someone else may be using it remotely.

Noise.  Set your GMS phone next to speakers. If it buzzes for longer than 30 seconds, this could be a red flag.

Light.  Does your phone light up or make strange noises when it’s not in use, or stay lit even after you’ve powered it down? This is definitely not normal and could indicate bugging.

Use the tips above to help protect your smartphone from unwanted use. And when you need Dallas computer service to protect your business, we are here to help. At Intelligent IT Solutions, we provide a complete suite of Dallas computer services including e-mail management; server and PC maintenance, management and upgrades; end-user Help Desk support; proactive network monitoring and security; and smart phone and IP telephone integration. Our expert Dallas computer service can help you save up to 30% per month in operating costs and improve employee satisfaction, so give us a call today.

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Our IT Services in Dallas Level the Playing Field of Business

IT Services Dallas | Intelligent IT SolutionsIntelligent IT Solutions offers a array of IT services in Dallas to small and mid-sized businesses. While IT helps improve productivity and customer satisfaction many small and mid-sized businesses find that focusing on maintaining IT hardware and software detracts from the core competency. When business managers have to spend time and effort putting in place an IT infrastructure and managing it, they do not have the time needed to deal with the core issues relating to their business.

Intelligent IT Solutions provides the perfect way to overcome these difficulties. The company can manage IT infrastructure, provide hosting services, or take care of the security of the IT infrastructure. This is a cost-effective and practical way of managing IT infrastructure for most small and mid-sized businesses.

Faster, Quicker, Smarter
Whether your business has desktops, servers, or other IT infrastructure or requires a robust security system to be in place, Intelligent IT Solutions has the right IT service for you in Dallas. The company will work proactively to ensure that all IT infrastructures are working properly when needed. This will cut infrastructure downtime and allow your employees to work on accomplishing goals, improving customer response, and ensure that crucial data is available on time.

Potential Targets
The security management services offered by Intelligent IT Solutions will ensure that the data of the business is not compromised. Additionally, the customers of the business will be assured that their data or servers cannot be compromised via vendors. While many small businesses assume that their data is not sought after by malicious elements, frequently the servers and infrastructure of such businesses are used to send spam and viruses.

Intelligent IT Solutions offers consulting services when a business is expanding and wants to update its IT infrastructure. The consultants will work with business executives to understand the precise requirements before suggesting and implementing a new IT model. This will enable even small and mid-sized businesses to benefit from the expert knowledge about potential IT developments that only enterprise class businesses typically have access to.

An Incredible Feature
Another aspect of the modern business world is the need to access company data from remote locations. Intelligent IT Solutions offers hosting services using redundant servers, power, and data channel to ensure that businesses can access their data remotely at any time they please.

The IT services in Dallas offered by Intelligent IT Solutions will ensure that medium and small businesses can access the best IT products and benefit from them. This enables them to better compete against larger enterprises. After all, because of the Internet and modern day technological breakthroughs, the world is flat. The financial value or employee count does not matter as much as it used to because of the capabilities that businesses such as Intelligent IT Solutions can offer their clients or potential ones. We specialize in leveling the playing field. Call us today to discuss all of your Dallas IT Service needs.

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