Four Reasons You Need Outsourced IT Solutions From Dallas Computer Services

Dallas Computer ServicesWhether you have a home-based business with one computer or a small business with ten computers and a virtual phone system, troubleshooting your network requires time and effort. Outsourcing your computer maintenance to a local IT solutions company is one of the best decisions your fledgling business can make. Here are a few benefits of using local computer support in Dallas.

A Tech is Always Available

In-house IT services might seem like a good idea for a small or medium business. An on-site computer tech is in the office during working hours to fix glitches, but in the long run, outsourcing your company’s IT solutions benefits your business. What if a problem arises when your employee is off the clock or out of town? Using techs from Dallas computer services ensures that someone will always be there to take your call or visit the office in person for a repair. A computer support company has several staff members to cover all shifts and help out, by phone or in person, 24/7.

Better Back-Up

Staff technicians from Dallas computer services will backup all your data on their servers or on the cloud. We all know how fragile network systems can be when overloaded, so having excellent backup is a must for all your customer data and other sensitive information.  If your precious data is vaulted with a reputable Dallas IT company, you won’t need to worry about lost data if your equipment is damaged. Your computer tech support specialist will have it available for you on their server and/or backed up online (in the cloud). Some IT solutions companies even offer mobile storage for large amounts of data.

Better Hosting

When you hire local Dallas computer services to provide hosting, you have access to ongoing power and connectivity.  A Dallas IT service can offer battery backup, a diesel generator for constant power.  These high tech solutions run from an IT support company’s network operating center, supply data and connectivity to employees when they’re on the road, anywhere in the world.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Installation & Upkeep

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP) allows your employees to take phone calls over the Internet. Think of it as Skype for your office.  You replace your landline with an Internet-based phone system and calls are routed to you through a broadband connection.  You’ll need a higher bandwith if you have many employees. Every phone number in a VoIP system has a unique address, so your Dallas computer services technician will make sure you have SIP (session internet protocol) enabled phones.  An outside IT solutions specialist can install a VoIP system to integrate your phone, internet and computer network.

If you are busy with your small or home-based business, outsourcing your IT service installation and upkeep to a local Dallas tech support company will give you peace of mind. With all the advances in technology, you need computer support that you can count on anytime, day or night. Intelligent Solutions in Dallas offers help desk support, managed IT services, computer security and remote services. Contact us for a free consultation at 972-885-6544. We take care of your IT needs so you can concentrate on running your business.

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