Some Facts about the Best VoIP Services for Your Business

best voip servicesVoIP (voice over Internet protocol) is a flexible technology that routes your office phone system over broadband internet instead of a traditional analog landline. VoIP transfers your phone calls over the Internet data line, eliminating the need for hardwired phones.

With VoIP, you can login to your number from anywhere in the world and get a dial tone. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can use a VoIP service when you’re traveling. You can stay in touch with the office anytime as long as you have a headset or VoIP-enabled phone. Your local Internet and computer consultant can recommend the best VoIP Services for your company.

Converting to best VoIP services significantly cuts your phone bill. Traditional phone services require a landline and installation costs. With VoIP, your phone and data services travel on the same line. There’s no need to maintain a separate system for voice communication. You won’t need to spend time and money adding or changing phones for new employees.

There are many advantages to VoIP beside low cost and ease of communication. You can choose an area code from anywhere in the U.S. – you’re not restricted to the one in your physical office location. If your company is in Arkansas, but you want to attract customers in Dallas, you can use a Dallas area code. Most VoiP services can forward faxes and voicemail to your email inbox. This streamlines your communications, saving time by gathering all your correspondence in one place.

VoIP for business improves every year, with new capabilities that make it possible to use the service with wireless cell phone and PDA combinations. It’s easy to conduct video conferences with best VoIP services. Customers can call you over your company’s VoIP system instead of your personal cell phone, which saves you money on monthly expenses. You won’t miss important calls because calls can be routed to your cell phone, home phone or another device. VoIP keeps you in constant touch with clients and co-workers. That means more sales and better customer service.

Intelligent Solutions can convert your business office from an analog phone system to a cost-efficient VoIP one. We specialize in Cisco-TANDBERG telepresence solutions. These industry powerhouses have combined to offer small and medium businesses more flexibility in their voice communications. But our office communications solutions aren’t limited to just audio. Teleconferencing and superior video quality for live streaming presentations are available as part of our voice solution services. VoIP increases your office mobility and productivity and eliminates the cost and clutter of analog phones and wiring. Contact us at 972-885-6544 or request a free consultation through our website contact form.

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