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IT Services FriscoAre you a small business owner in the Dallas area? Are you thinking of hiring an independent IT services company like Intelligent Solutions? This company has the solutions to the problems you’ve considered in your search for technical help for your company. Increase your productivity and keep your information safe! Here are three reasons you should consider investing in this company for technical help.

1. Backups, Backups, Backups

Not only does Intelligent Solutions IT Services Dallas provide backups to your essential data, they also provide backups for the physical sources of your data. The information required to keep your company running smoothly can be backed up to remote servers or to an online cloud. Intelligent Solutions provides connections with co-location centers around the country. They can also provide you with backup batteries and generators through their host services to ensure you have as little network downtime as is possible.

2. Constant Help, No Matter the Distance

Intelligent Solutions makes it so that you don’t even have to call your Dallas IT service provider to find solutions to your problems. Thanks to the latest in technical advances, technical support can be had with the click of a button. When trouble strikes, your employee can click an icon installed by Intelligent Solutions. A technician can then remotely take control and resolve the issue, eliminating the need for a go-between with your employee and support. VIP users can also access Intelligent Solutions engineers and emergency call center after-hours and on weekends, ensuring support no matter when you encounter difficulties.

3. Video Calls Integrated In Every Computer

Communicating face-to-face with the clients and vendors can be invaluable to your business, but that’s not always possible for some small businesses. Intelligent Solutions IT services Dallas works in tandem with Cisco-TANDBERG telepresence solutions to ensure that you can communicate with your clients from Dallas or anywhere else in the world. They provide high-quality video and sound, integrated so that you can be connected with the click of a button. Calls are protected through a high level of encryption. Intelligent Solutions also provides Voice over Internet Protocol, allowing you to conduct all of your phone-based business through a powerful broadband connection.

Let Intelligent Solutions help you run your business. After a consultation, they can provide with custom solutions suited to your existing technological and financial environment. You can save up to 30% through their support and expert assistance. Contact them today!

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