IT Services, Consulting, and Project Management in Frisco, TX-

We know IT and have completed hundreds of projects over the past 10+ years. There won’t be any surprises when we are finished. Our discovery process is so complete that we can offer a FIXED labor price for our projects.

Intelligent Remote Support –

Technology today allows our experienced Frisco IT technicians to securely remote into your network and support your employee’s computers, where ever they are, and servers directly. When an employee has an IT related issue, they simply click on the icon we install in the system tray of each managed workstation. This connects them to our Client Support Center where a technician can control their workstation and resolve their issue.

This efficient method of remote support eliminates the need for a “middle person” who must take time and address every issue before it can be passed on to your IT vendor. Our monthly reports will keep you informed of the activities occurring within your company.

Intelligent IT Solutions delivers the presence of an in-house support group without the cost of hiring full time employees.