Intelligent IT Solutions Support in Dallas and Frisco, TX

We are here to help you! Please click the button below to access our Help Desk, where we will be happy to help you with whatever question or support issue you have.btn_helpdesk


Instructions for Signing up to the Help Desk system.
Click on the link above.
Click “sign up” located in the top right.
You will need to enter your Full Name, Email Address
The Twitter account is optional.
You will need to enter the words you see in the box and then click “Sign me up”
Once this process has been completed you will receive an email from our system that will allow you to enter a password and log into the system.
From here you will be able to create or check the status of a ticket.
As an alternative – once you have signed up you can send an email to support@iqits.net and it will automatically generate a ticket for you.