Intelligent Managed IT Services in Dallas, TX

Intelligent IT Solutions, Intelligent Managed IT Services is an alternative and more efficient way of supporting the Information Technology (IT) needs of any business or organization.

Intelligent Managed IT Services

How can Managed IT Services save my organization money?

By leveraging Intelligent IT Solutions efficient Support Diamond methodology, you can save up to 30% per month in operating costs and realize the added benefits of a stable IT system, reduced HR burdens and improved productivity, which is often hindered by IT staff training or vacation time.

How would my business benefit from Managed IT Services?

Some of the proven benefits associated with Intelligent IT Services Managed IT Services include:

  • Reduce operating costs, up to 30%
  • Reduce HR responsibilities and operational headaches
  • Improve network performance and access
  • Improve employee satisfaction with IT support
  • Ensure continuity in IT support personnel and structure
  • Receive piece of mind in knowing that true experts are managing your IT environment

What does Intelligent IT Services provide through its Managed IT Services?

Intelligent IT Services Managed IT Services provides a complete suite of IT solutions to align with your business’s needs.  IT solutions include but are not limited to e-mail management; server and PC maintenance,  management and upgrades;  end-user  Help  Desk support; proactive network monitoring and security; and smart phone and IP telephone integration.

What types of organizations benefit from Intelligent IT Solutions Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is ideally suited to organizations with 30 to 500 employees.  It efficiently serves the needs of businesses in a vast range of industries that are interested in saving money, improving the quality of IT support and reducing operational headaches that slow productivity and take business executives away from their core competencies.

What is standard pricing?

Intelligent IT Solutions does not use a one-size-fits-all pricing model.  Rather, we customize our offerings and develop a service model that best matches the needs of each client’s unique operating environment. Following a thorough one- to two-day review of your systems and needs, Intelligent IT Solutions can provide pricing options that will help you realize a savings of up to 20 to 30% in monthly operating costs.

How does Intelligent IT Services support my business if it is located outside of North Texas?

Intelligent IT Solutions currently serves the IT needs of clients in 17 states.  Using proprietary remote management tools and a fully staffed Service Desk team at its center in Atlanta, Intelligent IT Solutions can manage IT environments anywhere in the country. When “on-site” support is needed, Intelligent IT Solutions provides local engineering resources through our own professional staff or established partnerships to meet the agreed upon service levels.


Intelligent IT Solutions will take full responsibility for the IT inventory and processes within  your existing environment.


Would my company need to hire permanent in-house IT staff?

Every Managed IT Services agreement is unique in size and complexity.  In our 30 years of business, we have found that larger Managed IT Services clients retain an in-house IT liaison to act as Intelligent IT Solutions interface with the company.  That person may also be your liaison with application-support vendors, or they may provide the application support themselves.

With smaller organizations, a liaison is not necessary as Intelligent IT Solutions reports directly to the company’s CEO, COO, CFO or another designated executive.

What responsibilities remain with my organization?

Application Support & Development.  Thats it!!  We can handle as much of or as little of your IT as you like.  Intelligent IT solutions will work with your company to develop a plan that fits your companies individual needs

Are there any additional services provided as part of my Managed IT Services contract?

The following tasks are included in all Intelligent IT Solutions Managed IT Services contracts:

  • Emerging Technologies Research
  • Involvement in IT Steering Committees
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Development and Assistance with IT Budget Planning
  • Technology Procurement Assistance

Does Intelligent IT Solutions provide data center hosting or a co-location facility?

The Intelligent IT Solutions team will manage day-to-day operations as well as  business  continuity of any infrastructure equipment in  a co-location facility, as required or requested by your organization.  Intelligent IT Solutions maintains relationships with many co-location facilities throughout the country and can help you choose the best data center for your organization’s needs.

How does Intelligent IT Solutions support my mobile workforce on weekends and after hours?

Intelligent IT Solutions provides designated VIP users with weekend and after-hours support as part of a Managed IT Services contract.  VIP users have direct access to Intelligent IT Solutions engineers after normal working hours as well as access to Intelligent IT Solutions 24×7 emergency call center.

Organizations can designate up to 3 VIP users per 100 employees.

How does Intelligent IT Solutions help my company add new employees to the network when they are hired?

While every organization is unique, Intelligent IT Solutions works to customize a new-employee IT setup process for each organization.  This includes assisting your organization with documenting processes and aligning the best procurement methods for all IT supplies.  Our goal, like yours, is to ensure new employees are up and running as quickly as possible.


Intelligent IT Solutions has been providing IT services for 30 years and has perfected the way we deliver IT systems and support to your organization and employees.


How does Intelligent IT Solutions ensure effective governance?

Intelligent IT Solutions processes and procedures are internally modified, tested and audited on a regular basis to provide  clients with  the most efficient and highest quality service. Governance is handled by Intelligent IT Solutions IT Steering committee, which meets monthly.

How will Intelligent IT Solutions ensure our network is properly maintained and configured?

Intelligent IT Solutions documents the entire network during the first 3 months of an engagement and consistently updates this documentation throughout the term of the contract.  Intelligent IT Solutions meets regularly with a client’s senior management teams to discuss network improvement plans through upgrades or implementation of emerging technologies that may benefit the organization.

Is Intelligent IT Solutions audited?

Intelligent IT Solutions policies, procedures and financial statements are audited annually by an independent firm.

What is the average tenure for a member of the Intelligent IT Solutions Services Team?

Intelligent IT Solutions trains its engineers from within and promotes upward mobility for talented engineers who understand  and demonstrate  the Intelligent IT Solutions support model  with exemplary customer service skills.    While the average tenure for all executives on our team is 3.8 years, our integration services team has an average tenure of nearly 9 years and technical support managers have been with our company an average of 5.9 years.