Choose the Best Server for Your Business with the Help of an IT Consultant Dallas

IT Consultant DallasAll businesses that handle a large amount of data need a server, a central computer that stores and transmits a high volume of data to other computers in the network.

A small server looks just like a desktop CPU, but it serves a different purpose. A server supports all the computers in your office through a special operating system. It runs your company’s e-mail and instant message system, databases, print servers and CRM software. The server runs all the multiuser applications unique to your business. It allows employees to share data, contacts, and images through a company intranet.

An IT consultant Dallas will create a virtual private network so your employees can access company data remotely, during business trips or while working from home. Servers backup data from all company laptops and PCs, so you can recover important data if a computer is lost or stolen. A server is designed to withstand a large workload and it has many storage options to ensure data is recoverable even during power outages and other unforeseeable events. A scalable server set up by an IT consultant Dallas can add storage space as your business grows will save you time and money in the long run.

If you don’t have a lot of money or space to house a physical server in your office, you can opt for a cloud server through an outside service provide. There are large national cloud storage services and local providers who offer cloud servers as part of an overall IT package. If you decide to go with a cloud server instead of a physical service, make sure you hire an IT consultant Dallas with excellent security and privacy standards for clients’ data.

The type of server you need depends on the number of computers in your network and the amount of data used each day. If you have less than ten employees using computers, a small, single server will do the job. If you have more than ten computers, laptops and many employees working from remote devices, you’ll need a tower or blade server to properly store all your data. If you’re unsure of what server is right for your business, contact an IT consultant specializing in network servers to analyze your needs.

Intelligent IT Solutions, a cutting-edge IT consultant Dallas, offers blade servers for companies with high data volume. We have a Network Operating Center (NOC) with secure servers to store and backup your data and applications. Our NOC has redundant Internet connectivity to keep you online during emergencies. We have battery and power backups for additional security. We have access to many co-location facilities if your business requires storage and backup from another data center. Call us today at 972-885-6544 for a free consultation. Our engineers will manage your network and IT infrastructure and keep your valuable data safe.

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